If the horizontal component of the cannonball’s velocity is 20 m/s, how far downrange will the cannonball be in 5 s?


Why does the force of gravity change the speed of a satellite when it is in an elliptical orbit but not when it is in a circular orbit?


Suppose you point to a wall with your arm extended. Then you sweep your arm around, making an angle of about 42° to the wall. If you rotate your arm in a full circle while keeping the same angle, what shape does your arm describe? What shape on the wall does your finger sweep out?


In the left column are the colors of certain objects. In the right column are various ways in which colors are produced. Match the right column to the left.


10 kg of fluid per minute goes through a reversible steady flow process. Determine The change in enthalpy and Work done during the process.


10 Mg of a solution containing 0.3 kg Na2​CO3​/kg solution is cooled slowly to 293 K to form crystals of Na2​CO3​.O10H2​O. What is the yield of crystals if the solubility of Na2​CO3​ at 293 K is 21.5 kg/100 kg water and during cooling 3 per cent of the original solution is lost by evaporation?


Suppose that Thomas owns a contract that will pay $1,000 exactly five years from now. Thomas also has opportunities to invest money today in ways that would earn a return of 6 percent per year. What is the contract worth to him today, if both the contract and the investment opportunity are perfectly safe?


Suppose the sphere is gradually (and uniformly) demagnetized (perhaps by heating it up past the Curie point). Use Faraday’s law to determine the induced electric field, find the torque this field exerts on the sphere, and calculate the total angular momentum imparted to the sphere in the course of the demagnetization.


which subsequently decays to the ground state with the emission of a 4.43-MeV gamma ray. What is the maximum kinetic energy of the emitted beta particle?